Understanding  your child's subconscious: Guidelines for parents

Understanding your child's subconscious: Guidelines for parents

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Author: Dr. Susan Roets

Format: PDF Download

Number Of Pages: 203

Release Date: 04-06-2019

Details: Parenting is hard and there is no training. You worry about why your child is so nervous, or lazy, or afraid of the dark, or so angry or …. You can so easily feel helpless and confused. 
Dr. Roets shows you how to understand your child better and make him or her a happier, more confident and fulfilled person – and know yourself better in the process.
Dr. Roets explains where shyness, bullying, poor schoolwork, fears and anxieties and many other parental concerns originate and how to change them. Once you know how our subconscious mind works, you can interpret your child’s behaviour and work with them to remove the barriers to effective living.
This book is a simple, practical guide for parents based on many years of therapy and experience. It will take you on a journey of unlocking your child’s full potential – and your own.

Languages: English