Sessions: Cost & how many are needed?

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Consultation sessions can either done in person at Dr. Roets' premises, or alternatively online via Zoom.  Dr. Roets works with adults and teenagers aged 15 years and upwards.

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Many clients want to know how many sessions they will require. This really depends on you. When undergoing hypnotherapy we are communicating directly with the subconscious mind, so problems can be fixed in a fairly short period of time. Therapy can take between 8 – 15 sessions (for both physical and online consultations), depending on the problem.

Please note that physical consultations and online consultations are exactly the same, the only difference being that the online consultation is facilitated via the Zoom platform.


Session 1:

I get a thorough overview of your history in the first session, so that I can determine correlations between your past with the current problem. This is where I ask lots of questions nobody has ever asked you so as to help you to tell your own unique story and to help you to talk about things that you could never talk about before.

Session 2:

The second session is where I teach you to understand the functioning of your subconscious mind. If you do not understand the functioning of your subconscious mind, your “problem” can’t be solved. In this session I also teach you self-hypnosis and record it as an audio file which I send to you afterwards.  You can then listen to this audio file and practice self-hypnosis in your own time.

Session 3:

In the third session, I do a word analysis exercise with you which is done in the self-hypnosis/ focused state.  I then have enough information to make a diagnosis which I will discuss with you in the next session, so that we know where the problem is coming from.

Session 4:

During the fourth session, I start of by discussing your diagnosis with you. We then proceed to determine a therapy plan for you from here on.

Session 5 and onwards:

I assist you in the investigation into your subconscious in order to get the initial sensitising event (the seed), also the symptom producing events (the watering event) and then eventually the symptom intensifying events (the weed). We find the events and the link between them, remove the suggestions and do healing work to replace the traumas stored in your subconscious.

Please see the FAQs section for more information regarding the therapy.