My experience with intermittent fasting (IF)

I would like to start this post and emphasise the FACT that I am no medical doctor or dietitian, I have obtained my doctorate degree in psychology.

I heard about intermittent fasting from social media, in particular a Facebook group called "Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle".  This group has proved really helpful in my personal journey with experimenting with intermittent fasting (IF) as a possible lifestyle for me.  I have moved in the 60's plus category regarding age, as all those will know that find themselves in this category, your body develops pains and aches it never knew before. I also developed an auto-immune disease and I was looking for extra solutions after reading Amy Myer's excellent book (also available as an audio book).  This book on IF also proved insightful.

I have had some good results since I started with IF officially 158 days ago: I've seen some weight loss and I can report that my aches have reduced and I have a lot more energy.  However, I still have a long way to go before I reach my goal of ultimate health, energy and vitality.  

A lot of my patient's (please see this video that explains why I use the term "patient" as a psychologist) have commented on my results, as most of them see me weekly at most and some a few times a year.  Many have commented on my results, saying that I "look good and healthy".  To be honest, I am feeling better and healthier.

I decided to write a post that includes some of the resources that I have consulted in my quest to educate myself about IF as many have asked me to share these resources, and I hope that you will find some of these helpful.  I will include the links below for your reference.

PLEASE CONSULT YOUR MEDICAL PRACTITIONER BEFORE you make any drastic health changes regarding your diet and medication, this is of the utmost importance.  We, as human beings, cannot function efficiently mentally, if physically we are suffering. My recommendation is to only try IF for yourself with the supervision of your doctor.


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